Kühlungsborn at Baltic Sea with the Leica SL

I have spent a few days at Kühlungsborn at the high season in Summer. Here are some impressions from Kühlungsborn and the area around.  All pictures were made with the Leica SL 601 and the Vario 24-90mm lens and the Summilux 35mm FLE.

Naxos Agia Anna and Maragas with the Leica SL

At Naxos the area from Agia Anna to Maragas is one of the best location for holydays in Europe. All pictures were made with the Leica SL 601 and the Vario 24-90mm lens and the Summilux 35mm FLE.

Leica SL with Vario 24-90mm in Apiranthos

Apiranthos and Chalki are two small villages in the mountains of Naxos. They are beautiful places with authentic old streets and nice small restaurants.  This pictures were made with the Leica SL 601 and the Vario 24-90mm lens.

Leica SL with Vario 24-90mm in Naxos Town

I have spent a week at Naxos Greece which is a nice island for holidays. Naxos town is a great mix of old middle age streets and modern tourism. Besides the tourism you can find some very old original places which are quiet and full of charme and history. This pictures were made with the Leica SL 601 and the Vairo 24-90mm lens.

Leica SL and the Noctilux 0.95/50mm


This year I replaced my M240 with the Leica SL. Most of the time I use the Vario 24-90mm lens which is just great. For low light and bokeh I use the Summilux M 35mm FLE, which is also a great match. At my last holiday I took my Noctilux to see how it works on the Leica SL. With the Leica SL the Noctilux is easy to use because of the great EVF. I can focus easily even without focus peaking. With the fast shutter of the Leica SL I can use the Noctilux without a ND-Filter which is good. 

The colors are a bit cold for my eyes. On the M the colors are more vibrant. Anyways, the overall look is typical Noctilux which is great. I used the Noctilux just for a few shots because the Vario is more flexible and the quality is just amazing. The main reason why I use the Noctilux is the special look wide open. It can create images which are unique.

You can find a complete review of the Noctilux here.

Image comparison Leica SL vs M 240 with Summilux M 35mm FLE

Here is a quick image comparison between the Leica SL and the Leica M 240 with the Summilux M 35mm FLE.

As you can see, the Leica M produces much warmer colors and a bit more vignetting. I prefer the Leica SL as the images look more natural. Of course I could correct the white-balance to let the M240 images look like the SL-images. But I have to do that every time for each picture. Sometimes the M240 toning is attractive even if it is not neutral. At the end it’s a matter of taste.

And here is a comparison between the Leica SL with the Summilux 35mm at f4,0 and the native lens 24-90mm with 35mm and at f4,0.

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