This year I replaced my M240 with the Leica SL. Most of the time I use the Vario 24-90mm lens which is just great. For low light and bokeh I use the Summilux M 35mm FLE, which is also a great match. At my last holiday I took my Noctilux to see how it works on the Leica SL. With the Leica SL the Noctilux is easy to use because of the great EVF. I can focus easily even without focus peaking. With the fast shutter of the Leica SL I can use the Noctilux without a ND-Filter which is good. 

The colors are a bit cold for my eyes. On the M the colors are more vibrant. Anyways, the overall look is typical Noctilux which is great. I used the Noctilux just for a few shots because the Vario is more flexible and the quality is just amazing. The main reason why I use the Noctilux is the special look wide open. It can create images which are unique.

You can find a complete review of the Noctilux here.